UH CO-OP Electronic Submission Process for International Students

NOTE: The UH Cooperative Education Program (CO-OP) is only for students who select Option 1 on the CPT form. Students who select Option 2 or Option 3 will not come through UH CO-OP.

The electronic approval process can take up to 3-5 business days to complete. Students are strongly encouraged to submit all required paperwork accurately at least a week in advance of the desired start date to prevent approval delays.

First, obtain required documents BEFORE completing the online UH CO-OP Application and emailing the UH CO-OP office:

  1. Job Offer: Student receives and accepts a job offer through an official job offer letter. The offer letter must contain all requirements as outlined in the Offer Letter Requirements.
  2. ISSSO: Student works directly with ISSSO https://uh.edu/oisss/ to learn about the CPT process.” Once eligibility is established, student may download “CPT Application for Undergraduate Student” or “CPT Application for Graduate Student” form from https://uh.edu/oisss/forms-and-publications/. Student completes CPT steps 1 & 2. Employer signs step 3.
  3. Academic Advisor: Student works directly with their college Academic Advisor to obtain all required signatures on the CPT form. Advisors verify all UH CO-OP requirements are met as outlined in the UH CO-OP Intern Requirements. This includes verifying a student’s work eligibility, academic standing, enrollment in an experience track, & providing a copy of the student’s subplan page back to the student.
    • For Cullen College of Engineering undergraduate students ONLY - contact Jemal Moore at jmoore [at] central.uh.edu, D3-E316 to obtain required academic signatures.
    • For Cullen College of Engineering graduate students ONLY - contact Miranda Vernon-Harrison mavernon-harrison [at] uh.edu, D3-E421 to obtain required academic signatures.

Second, complete the online UH CO-OP Application and email all required documents as ONE PDF FILE to the UH CO-OP office:

  1. After verifying all requirements are met and all forms are accurately completed, the student scans all documents into ONE PDF FILE. (Apps like Cam Scanner and iPhone Notes allow documents to be easily scanned and emailed as one attachment).
       The ONE PDF FILE includes:
    1. Completed CPT form,
    2. Offer Letter, and
    3. Subplan from the Advisor
  2. Student emails all required paperwork as ONE PDF FILE to ecareers [at] central.uh.edu for UH CO-OP approval. *Failure to properly review all requirements and submit documents accurately may delay the approval process.
  3. Student completes the online UH CO-OP Application.
  4. Once the ONE PDF FILE and UH CO-OP Application are received from the student applicant, the UH CO-OP team will review the student’s major GPA requirements, university holds, and the required application documents.
  5. After review, a CO-OP team member will contact the student to complete the process for course enrollment and final application approval.

With over 200-300 students applying to our program each semester, we thank our student applicants in advance for their continued patience while we process each application.

If you have any questions after reading the instructions, please reach out to our team at ecareers [at] central.uh.edu or join the UH CO-OP office hours on Microsoft TEAMS.