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The mission of the University of Houston Engineering Career Service Center is to provide employers with quality services that integrate their recruiting efforts while creating a highly visible presence on campus. Your support helps us to carry out career development initiatives to better serve our students. By partnering with the Engineering Career Center, you will have access to a diverse and accomplished student population.

Employer Partner Program

The Employer Partner Program is an opportunity to engage and build a relationship, not only with our career team and the Cullen College of Engineering, but with the overall university community. Our partners are recognized on the website, special events and included as a member of our Industrial Advisory Board. Unless otherwise noted, the period of membership includes three consecutive semesters from the time of the member’s enrollment, including one Fall, one Spring and one Summer semester.

Engineering Career Center Partners

Levels & Benefits Visionary:
$10,000 (annual)
$5,000 (annual)
$2,500 (annual)


Invitation to participate  on Career Center Industrial Advisory Committee red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png

Targeted Branding

Recognition as an industry partner on Career Center website red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png
Logo on college recruitment database (eCONNECTION) red_checkmark.png    
Recognition on Cullen College of Engineering and Career Center social media sites red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png  
Official Company Day within the Cullen College of Engineering red_checkmark.png    
Advertising in Cullen College of Engineering Parameters Magazine (one edition) red_checkmark.png    
Named Interview Room within the Career Center Office red_checkmark.png    

College Programming

Preferred participant status in panels or workshops red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png

Introductions/meetings with the dean, key faculty and/or student leaders

red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png  
Special invitation to departmental hosted events red_checkmark.png    
College/Campus Tour led by student leaders or college personnel red_checkmark.png    
Direct emails to a targeted student population to advertise opportunities within your organization red_checkmark.png
(2 emails per semester)
(1 emails per semester)
Parking validations for on campus recruiting events conducted through our office (on OCR Day) 8 4 2

Career Fair & Campus

Acknowledgement on Engineering Career Center Website red_checkmark.png    
Premium booth placement at in person career fair red_checkmark.png
(you get to pick location)
red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png
Additional recognition to students and campus community on social media red_checkmark.png red_checkmark.png  
Complimentary tabling in a high traffic area red_checkmark.png
(1 per semester)
(1 per academic year)
Priority scheduling for recruiting events red_checkmark.png