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Our Mission

The Cullen College of Engineering Career Center strives to provide Tier-One professional development training and counseling specific to Cullen College of Engineering majors. The Engineering Career Center provides professional planning and preparation in helping Cullen Coogs attain career goals. The Engineering Career Center is a comprehensive career services department that offers Cullen College of Engineering majors professional assistance with planning, developing and achieving individual career goals. Our vision encompasses providing quality services and resources to ensure student’s transition from academia into the engineering workplace through proactive and strategic planning that leads to multiple interviews, internships and full-time entry-level employment opportunities.

Professional development does not end when students graduate; it is a life-long strategy that can be used throughout any engineering career.

Vision Statement

“Lead and connect University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering majors to greater opportunities.”

Mission Statement

“The Cullen College of Engineering Career Center supports student success through professional development, individual career counseling, and building meaningful industry and community relationships.”

Diversity Statement

The University of Houston, Cullen College of Engineering Career Center is committed to fostering a community that welcomes and supports a diversity of backgrounds, values, perspectives, and experiences that honors individual identity. The Engineering Career Center is committed in embracing a culture of caring where students, faculty, alumni, employers and all university stakeholders are treated with respect, compassion and dignity regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, economic status, age, military status, ability and religion.


*Cullen College of Engineering and Technology Division minors do not have access to eCONNECTION, Cullen College events, or career counseling services at the Engineering Career Center. Cullen College minors should contact University Career Services for assistance with their career development needs.