Welcome to the Engineering Career Center

The Engineering Career Center is a comprehensive career services department that offers all students in the Cullen College of Engineering resources to help develop and achieve career goals.

The Engineering Career Center serves as a resource for information on industry trends, job market analysis and an opportunity for students to confidently pursue their desired career goals. The Career Center is home to two industry related programs: the Co-Operative Education Program (CO-OP) and Internship. These programs are the gateway to starting a successful engineering career.

To seek career assistance regarding their chosen field of study, we welcome every engineering student to make use of our services as early as freshman year. It's never too late to prepare but the sooner you start, the easier it is to transition from college student to educated professional.


  • Students — report your most recent engineering employment in eConnection under "Placements" section and update your eConnection profile before you return to school.
  • Employers — report your summer hires and salaries.